A Closer Look at the iPad 2

In Technology on July 25, 2011 at 10:27 am

iPad 2 a Revolutionary Device
Suitable for all ages and interests

By Greg Thomson

I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first when the iPad 2 was released and questioned whether it offered many technological advancements that were overlooked in the first generation. Prior to even picking up the device, I disregarded the fancy, innovative commercials and concluded that the iPad 2 was a larger version of an iPod Touch, which I already owned and had no use for it’s considerably larger twin.

Little did I know, the iPad 2 is a revolutionary, practical computing device made for people of all ages and interests.

 Whether you are a middle school student who plays games, such as the popular Angry Birds series or World Series Table Tennis, or a 20-something year old DJ needing a powerful mixing program to make tunes, the iPad is made for you. Hey, even a doctor can view ultra sound images on this portable device.

When my Dell Inspiron laptop crashed after only three years of use (listen up Dell), I moved all my files to the iPad without a hitch. I’m now able to complete all of my word processing and PowerPoint creations directly on the device for essays, school assignments, posters and resumes.

Like many other Canadian teens, I am passionate about hockey and cannot go ten feet without being in tune with the latest scores and statistics. There are dozens of Apps, not only for hockey, but almost anything imaginable, including an extensive collection of music and video libraries – all created for efficient and easy use. I’m also able to connect with my friends through Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Skype. Now I can never miss a beat and be more informed on a regular basis.

When comparing the first and second generation, I found there to be a tremendous improvement in the screen quality, camera capability and App evolvement. Unlike the newly released Blackberry Playbook, the iPad is more user friendly and provides a more enjoyable experience for the consumer.

Apple has always been a foreword thinker in the world of technology and they didn’t fail to amaze me with the release of the iPad 2. It has made everything that much easier and more efficient, whether I am completing my school work or watching the latest episode of The Office.

Join the revolution.

iBooks rivals Kindle
Apple’s new e-reader provides a more ‘enjoyable reading experience’

With a new wave of mobile technology hitting the marketplace, it can be very difficult to find an e-reader that is not only inexpensive, but feels as though you have your hands on a regular paperback. Like anything, people don’t want to convert from the way they do things, so searching for a quality e-reader that is user friendly will determine whether someone decides to read all of their books on a tablet.

While the most commonly recognized reading tablet is the Amazon Kindle, there are numerous alternatives both as downloadable online programs, as well as applications on a mobile device. After trying all of the readers, I found the eBook application on the iPad and iPhone to offer the best reading experience. The program, operated by Apple, has a very clean, easy-to-use interface with the ability to increase the size of the text, along with the functionality to store multiple books in the same library.

Although Steve Jobs was unable to be reached for comment, I discovered several informative articles online detailing the technology behind Apple’s e-reader and what separates it from the competition.

According to http://www.readwriteweb.com, “iBooks allows its users to change the size of the font, but also the font itself”. This is a very enticing selling point for people who have specific requirements as to what type and print size the font is. This feature, something the Kindle and other e-readers lack, is especially helpful for consumers who demand a similar font to what they read in their newspaper of choice. In my case, I change the font to Georgia size 12 to recreate my experience of reading the New York Times.

The iBooks application on the iPad also provides the option to set the screen brightness depending on the amount of glare, either from the sun or a bright light.

“You can also set the screen brightness right from within any book, which is great for reading at night. As far as we can see, however, you can’t switch to white text on a black background.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything bad to say about the Amazon Kindle, Apple’s primary competitor. However, it is quite evident that the future of technology is slowly gravitating towards multi-purpose handheld devices, unlike the Kindle, which only offers reading functionality. I would recommend the iBooks over the Kindle to anyone seeking a more enjoyable and comfortable reading experience.

Greg Thomson is a student at Abbey Park High School in Oakville. He worked as an intern with ConnectUs Communications Canada for his summer co-op, as part of the Specialist High Skills Business Program. He served as both the graphic designer and web editor for EntreNomics, producing content for the publication and promoting the magazine through various forms of social media.


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