Canada’s ‘Top 25’ Mavericks

In Business on July 25, 2011 at 10:07 am

By Joane Nakamura

The votes are in and the 2011 ‘Top 25 Canadian Immigrants’ has been announced. Canadian Immigrant and their corporate sponsor, the Royal Bank of Canada, began the ‘Top 25’ Awards in 2009 to recognize the accomplishments of Canadian immigrants; whether they have made significant impacts in their communities or on the economy.

The ‘Top 25 Canadian Immigrants’ include a number of
immigrant entrepreneurs who have found success by
creating businesses that fit their expertise and passion.
Gautam Nath, a member of the‘Top 25’, has been in
Canada for over two years and is partner to Monsoon
Communications in Toronto. By merging his expertise in
marketing and passion for networking, he created the
Multicultural Marketing Society of Canada; a platform
where newly landed Immigrants can connect and share

Mr. Nath however, is not an anomaly. Relatively, there are more self-employed immigrants in Canada than the Canadian-born population. A couple of factors are responsible for this phenomenon. First, there is a lack of knowledge among Canadian businesses on foreign credentials which hinder the hiring opportunities for Canadian immigrants. Second, little or no Canadian work experience wards off businesses from investing in a new employee. As a result, self-employment and entrepreneurship is a viable option for both immigrants and the Canadian economy. Within the global marketplace, Canadian immigrant entrepreneurs help give Canada a competitive edge by opening doors to overseas markets that are otherwise less accessible to Canadian businesses. Surely, the Canadian job market has many improvements to make in recognizing the skills and credentials of newly landed immigrants.

However, with some creativity and expertise in their field, Canadian immigrants have found a overcome such obstacles and build profitable businesses of their own.


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