Freda Iordanous a Talented Artist, Business Woman, and Successful Entrepreneur

In Profiles on July 25, 2011 at 10:12 am


By Joane Nakamura

Simple, smart, luxurious, that’s Freda’s 2011 Spring/Summer collection and it’s any woman’s dream. Clean silhouettes are complemented by a hint of volume in the luxurious fabrics. What’s the best part? It’s all designed and manufactured in Canada in Toronto to be exact. And if you haven’t visited the showroom, you can find Freda’s boutique at 86 Bathurst Street.

​As they say, behind a great label is a great designer.  In this case, it’s Freda Iordanous. Originally from Cyprus, she emigrated to Toronto in 1971. It wasn’t long before she had a loyal following that encouraged her to open an haute couture shop in 1973. However Freda notes that her early success was not without obstacles: “When I first arrived in Toronto, it was very difficult. The climate and language was a complete change. I had to learn English and adapt to this new lifestyle and culture.” Yet it seems as though ‘Survival’ should be her middle name.

Next year, Freda’s will celebrate its 40th year in the fashion industry and has been recognized with many prestigious awards. In 1991, Freda’s was honoured with the C.A.B.E Award (Canada Award for Business Excellence); the highest business award given by the Federal Ministry of Industry and Technology. According to Tema Frank working for Freda’s is also a privilege, naming the company ‘Canada’s Best Employer for Women’ in 1994. Most recently in 2005, Freda’s was presented by the Hellenic Emporium Fashion Gala with the award for Business Excellence and Lifetime Achievement.

Today, Freda’s dresses many Canadian TV personalities including Tracy Moore from Cityline, Susan Hay from Global TV, and Katherine Dolan from CTV.

​Apart from her original designs, the Freda’s boutique showcases unique pieces created by exceptional designers from around the world. When asked how she finds new talent, Freda explains that she travels to the United States and Europe to attend fashion markets. The Freda’s boutique, as a result, showcases a large range of exceptional clothing made by international designers.  

​Despite her success Freda remains grounded: “Life is a journey with many ups and downs. It’s what you choose to do and how you choose to live your life that makes all the difference.”

Taking her own advice seriously, Freda chooses a life of professional excellence and philanthropy. She supports the Crohns & Colitis foundation as her daughter is a survivor of colitis. Over the past year, she has also been involved with Ovarian Canada and the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Running a company with over 25 employees and travelling the globe is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Freda’s life and passions. When asked where she gets her inspiration Freda says her mother was her role model, a hard working European woman who raised six children while teaching herself to sew and speak English.

​Freda’s is a brand, a design label. But behind the façade is a talented artist, a business woman, and a mother. Freda the designer is as timeless as her creations and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the difference maker.

Promotion: Freda’s is offering a 10% discount to readers on all regular priced merchandise from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection. www.fredas.com.


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