Information…To Go please!

In Technology on July 25, 2011 at 10:21 am

By Ingmar Bitter

McDonald’s revolutionized the restaurant industry by offering the convenient drive-through option for food to go. Similarly, internet information is now served to go.

Apple.com was the first company to introduce a full screen touch phone that had sufficient resolution to meaningfully browse the web. The latest 4th edition offers a camera, 3G, WiFi, and GPS all in one; allowing me to scan the barcode of a product in the mall and quickly check if there is a cheaper offer within the 10 mile radius or at an online reseller. While waiting on my wife to try on a few more outfits, I can look at restaurant menus in the mall without leaving her favorite store. By the time she is done I know which restaurant has the desert I am in the mood for and can take her there.  Of course the idea has caught on and all other major manufacturers now offer phones with similar or better capabilities.

This consumer oriented technology fusion opens up many great business opportunities as well.  At ClaronTech.com we develop Advanced Visualization Technology and Clinical Applications.   This enables radiologists to quickly focus in on the relevant data to assess a patient’s health. What traditionally required looking at the Screen of a high performance computer can now be done via a regular web browser, without the need for custom software. Here are two compelling cases:

CASE A: While on call during an otherwise quiet Saturday morning, Dr. Jones is playing golf. She checks her e-mail app and finds an automatically sent message from her hospital system requesting her consultation feedback on an emergency case. The e-mail includes a link to a webpage with the information of the patient. Dr. Jones touches the link and is taken to the hospital’s physician login web page. After securely submitting her password she now has access to the patient’s EHR (Electronic Health Record) and images CT scans taken moments before.  From this she can decide if a remote consultation is sufficient or if a trip to the hospital to see the patient is needed. CASE B:Dr. Miller is making his rounds to see patients on the 11th floor of his hospital. As he sees each patient, he shows on his iPad the measurements and images resulting from the most recent tests, as well as progress trajectories. The patient is easily informed and can better understand the next treatment steps that Dr. Miller is proposing.  Under the hood, the iPad is accessing the hospital’s WiFi network to deliver the information at his patients’ bedside. 

In the near future we will see more applications moved to mobile accessible editions; allowing us to conveniently access information on the go. And now is the time to find your niche and build apps that satisfy a need for current and future businesses.

Ingmar Bitter holds a PhD in Computer Science and has been developing Medical Imaging software for 15 years in the USA and Canada.


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