Kunal Gupta – CEO of Polar Mobile Puts the “App” in Aptitude!

In Technology on July 25, 2011 at 11:05 am

By Donna Messer

Polar Mobile is a leading mobile content solutions enabler for large media companies. Kunal Gupta is both the CEO of Polar Mobile and an entrepreneur. He leads a fast-growing team of 40 employees, with an average age of 27. The team is building a next generation mobile software platform.

Why? Because businesses want to find ways to quickly and efficiently bring to market those mobile products and services that will build their audience.

When we asked Kunal why he chose the name “Polar” – his reply was, “because what you see is only the tip of the technology iceberg!”

Kunal is a frequent speaker at industry events and is regarded as a rising young visionary in the mobile industry.

In addition, Kunal is a founder of the Impact Entrepreneurship Group, the largest youth entrepreneurship non-profit organization in Canada. He is also serves as Chair for the Board. He has been recognized for his efforts in promoting entrepreneurship to youth, particularly when he was named ‘Alumnus of the Year’ by Shad Valley and ‘Global Citizen’ by the United Nations. He holds an Honours Bachelor in Software Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Polar Mobile began in 2007 while Kunal was still a student at Waterloo. He built a team through his classmates and within 8 months, he had his first customer and angel financing!

Since then, the company has rapidly established itself as a global leader in mobile content solutions. Media companies globally are turning to Polar’s SMART™ Platform for an end-to-end solution to enable their content on mobile.

According to Kunal, while Canada is the lead in this industry, he needed the United States to build a name for the company. He admits that over 60% of his business is in the United States, and he spends plenty of time on airplanes!

Polar’s customers include top tier magazines, newspapers, broadcasters and online portals across news, sports, entertainment and lifestyle media verticals. There are over 200 publishers in 10 countries using Polar Mobile services. Statistics show that over 8 million people are using apps from the Polar Mobile platform.

Polar’s SMART™ Platform is an end-to-end solution that enables Publishers to quickly launch mobile Apps that work across all major smartphones (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone). Polar’s SMART™ Platform has proven to deliver best-in-class user experiences that drive, reach and provide strong engagement, which help customers create new revenue from the mobile industry.

For 11 Trends and Opportunities in Mobile Apps check out the news releases on the Polar Mobile website.

Kunal’s message is like Nike’s – “Just Do it! You have the advantage of youth as a competitive edge.”

Are there any career opportunities at Polar Mobile? Kunal says, “Polar Mobile is always hiring. We look for talent in sales, marketing and customer management. We’re young and active and business is booming!”


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