Mac vs. PC

In Technology on July 25, 2011 at 10:28 am

By Justin Harrigan

I had to make the decision between a PC or a Mac computer. At first glance, I didn’t think there was much of a difference because most laptops can perform the exact same functions, and execute identical projects.

Before I even considered buying a new computer, I made sure I knew everything there was to know about both types of laptops before proceeding. I ignored all of the competitive commercials on TV between Mac and PC and, instead went straight to the store and talked to sales associates for both Mac and PC. Even when visiting the store, the environment within Apple was unforgettable. The people in the store were all positive and happy to assist me with my inquiries.

“The battery life on a Mac computer is longer than on a PC computer” 

When comparing the two, I had to review the characteristics of both and determine which was more beneficial for my learning and enjoyment. Making the decision was not an easy one for me.
When I made the decision, I chose a Mac computer for many different reasons. First it’s an “Apple” product; it’s my opinion, this means it is higher quality then other brands. I noticed that with an Apple product the speed had an enormous difference compared to my old laptop. This gives me the cutting edge when it comes to completing homework or social networking.
The battery life on my Mac computer is longer than on a PC. I notice that Macs are inaccessible to all viruses regardless of how you use your computer; this is a major factor when it comes to saving all my school projects without the risk of losing them.
My Mac really has an effect on the way I perform, and I have loved it since the day I purchased it. It does everything I need it to; from playing games to creating Powerpoint presentations. I encourage everyone to buy a Mac computer!

Justin Harrigan is a student at Abbey Park High School in Oakville. He worked as an intern with ConnectUs Communications Canada for his summer co-op in July 20111, as part of the Specialist High Skills Business Program. He served as both a graphic designer and copy editor for EntreNomics, producing content for the publication and utilizing Flip Page software to enhance the user’s reading experience.


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