Recruitment and the Entrepreneur!

In Business on July 25, 2011 at 10:26 am

By Lee Koren, PHR
Recruitment is a critical “key” to small businesses, why?  Success and growth depend on bringing in quality talent.  Those individuals who not only fit the culture but have the competencies required to be successful.  It’s a well know fact that people drive business performance so selecting the right talent to propel the business forward is essential.

It is also a well known fact that making the wrong hiring decision is expensive. Funny, but most companies, large or small, do not have a strategic recruitment strategy, yet all have objectives to succeed, grow and earn lots of money.  So let me repeat myself – people drive business performance so it behooves the business owner to seek out creative and innovative employees.
Sound hard?  Well actually it does take talent to recognize talent and small businesses are not usually up for paying a fee to a headhunter to find talent.  However, with today’s technology, social networks, websites and the internet it is getting easier for the small business owner to perform their own talent search.
First thing to remember is Link In  using Linkedin – it is the word’s largest professional/business social network with over 90 million members in over 200 countries; and it is an excellent place to find innovative and creative resources.

More and more companies are moving over to LinkedIn to find and hire quality resources.  They are making Linkedin a part of the recruitment strategy by using its hiring solutions to search, recruit, post jobs, check references, network with competitor talent and the list goes on.   The many Linkedin applications make it even more appetizing so if your business is not already optimizing the “apps” dive in and explore the options.  There is a charge to post jobs, however the cost is not as pricy as some of the other job boards and you can access a lot of good information about the candidate.
Facebook is a personal social network originally established for individuals to stay in touch with friends and family.  To use it as a recruiting tool is way to difficult and time consuming due to the complex navigation through privacy settings and friends vs. fans vs. likes vs. shares. 

However, companies are opting to use it to check out potential candidates; in fact I know of a few situations were potential candidates were not contacted because of what was on their Facebook page.  Hmm, well it is the World Wide Web (www) and there are no secrets.
Twitter is a website which offers a social networking and microblogging service.  It enables its members to send and read messages called “tweets”.   

Individuals can opt to follow a business on Twitter which does help promote your company to the “high potential” individual who may one day become an employee.

Google searches are another good way to check out the candidate.  A search will pull all sorts of information, i.e. articles written, blogs developed, on-line marketing, on-line magazines, ebooks and Linkedin Profile.  In addition, if you happen to know how to conduct a Boolean search you can retrieve actual resumes.
So there you have it!  It actually makes a lot of sense to use innovative tools when searching for innovative and creative talent to help drive business performance.  I mean really, think about it? – if you know how to navigate, network and connect using the social networks and websites available on the internet it opens up a whole new savvy talent pool.  A talent pool just waiting to be discovered to help build your business in this very competitive landscape.
Yes, I know, it takes time to search Linkedin and Facebook along with “tweeting” – so maybe your first hire is someone who can do all this for you?
After all, as an entrepreneur you know what it takes to start a business; and with the help of the Internet now you know what it takes to find the right talent.
Lee Koren is certified as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR).  Her passion and expertise is recruitment and selection.  Lee uses a common sense approach in sharing her vast knowledge.  She is currently employed as a Senior Recruiter with The 500 and works closely with Donna Messer at ConnectUs Canada.  Lee can be contacted by email at lkoren@sympatico.ca.


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