The Deep River Lumber Project

In Business on July 25, 2011 at 10:26 am

After many years of owning one of the leading sales and installation companies in the Greater Toronto Area, Glen Pestrin has expanded his knowledge and time from this company. He is now taking initiative to assist the well-being of the environment, as a partner in Deep River Lumber.

In doing so, Deep River Lumber not only emphasizes entrepreneurship and a new look at business, but also encourages going green and bettering our planet. With this company comes history, and friendship as the two business founders are brothers and grew up right on the river where their company is located. Here is the company in a few paragraphs:

The History:
The Ottawa River has always been a major route for logging and small vessels to travel on as the  rapids are too swift for ships. Back in the 1800’s when logs were sent down the river in groups floating down, some logs were caught in rapids and chutes, while others became water logged and sent to the bottom of the river. For that is where Deep River Lumber comes in, and begins to take action.

The Company:
Deep River Lumber is helping our earth save trees, as the company combs the Ottawa River for logs that have been taken by the rapids in the past. They then use environmentally friendly methods to help recover the logs from the bottom of the River.

The Process:
Deep River Lumber uses a non-invasive imaging sonar to locate where logs are lying in the river. The next step is to have the two certified divers, both Shane and Ryan Hogen, dive down to the bottom of the River, they then feel around for logs, and determine there quality, and tie them off. Once they are tied, machinery slowly begins to elevate the log out of the water. Prior to shipping the log to mills, the type of log is determined, as that way mills are informed of what they are receiving, and can determine what can be produced.

The Business:
The company is not only contributing to the economy with business, but it is also encouraging going green, as this company uses trees that are not growing anymore, and instead of cutting them down, they are being brought up from the River and used. Deep River Lumber currently offers several different types of products, as they bring up many different types of logs, varying from White Pine to Hemlock. The company has a unique selling proposition, and encourages a greener environment, which relates well to customers today who are respectful of the environment therefore generating more business.

In order to learn more about the company, please visit http://www.deepriverlumber.ca/index.html.


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