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Welcome to our premier issue of Entrenomics. The word is a combination of Entrepreneur and Economics and it really says what this magazine is all about.

It’s about the entrepreneurs I meet, who are economically sound. They are happy to share not only what they know, but how they got to where they are. We will be profiling many of them, I look forward to spending time getting to know them and their secrets to success.  

EntreNomics is a new approach to entrepreneurship. Since small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our country this magazine will provide the tools, resources and connections they need to survive and thrive.

The writers for this publication are entrepreneurs, the information they provide is relevant and timely. The feature articles are motivating and memorable.

This newly-developed, affordable magazine is specifically geared toward entrepreneurs who need to understand the economic and often common sense, behind making dollars. We provide a systematic process with measurable results.

We will offer on-line workshops, webinars, coaching and conferences to our readers.  

We will review and share successful strategies. We will stay on track and implement new trends in technology. We hope to increase an entrepreneur’s profitability and growth.

The EntreNomics system is the brainchild of ConnectUs Communications Canada. The company offers interactive workshops throughout the country; helping entrepreneurs and small business owners define relevant and timely issues. Our objective is finding profitable solutions.

This magazine is only as valuable as our followers. We use social media to reach our audience. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. If you “like” us, we will grow and our reach will expand.

My name is Donna Messer, I’m the Managing Editor of the publication, how can I help you?

Donna Messer

Managing Editor